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  • Eagle
    A REAL BEAUTY! This is a picture sent in by Hugh Russell. Lights still work, Original 2 pucks. A Pristine Eagle game, even still has the shine.
    I wish.. I wish...
    Some one help with the year of manufacture.
    Must be a little later than the "Pro Hockey" model with the stationary spinning men below.

  • BuddyL
    Here is a vintage Eagle Toys Limited tabletop hockey set. This model "Pro Hockey" model. The rink is apx 36" long and 16".

  • Munro"
    1956 EAGLE PRO HOCKEY GAME(Made in Canada). The game came with the complete set of original six metal hockey men. (36 men in total - 5 players and 1 Goalie for each team

  • Eagle"
    This is a full size set NHL Hockey Night in Canada by Eagle Toys. From the early 60's? The game is all metal. Measures 18" x 36".

  • Munro"
    Here's one of the first games by Eagle Toys Canada from early 1950's,it is approximately 36" x 18" x 4"

  • ec Eagle toys ltd/Coleco ind. was made in Montreal, Candada is from the 1960's.

  • Eagle"
    Coleco Eagle Pro Stars Action Hockey Game.

  • Munro
    Vintage table top hockey game, on the side is marked "Pee Wee Hockey Made In canada eagle Toys" It is 24" long and 10&3/4" wide

  • Eagle
    This game was made about 1968 and is a eagle brand game. This is a Jean Beliveau (montreal Canadiens Hall of Famer) endorsed game. It is 36 inches long and 20 inches wide.

  • Kevin
    This is a super nice early 60's "eagle" table hockey game.

  • No Spin This is an Eagle Toys game. It says Made In Canada on the box. The men do not move in a slot. They just spin. The men are made of metal. They have yellow plastic sticks.

  • Eagle"
    Eagle Major League Hockey Game .

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